Junior High Pay-Off

15 Nov

Well, my junior high days have finally paid off. My classmate Jena Carper [now Roach] is having a blog giveaway. Check it out: http://recentlyroached.blogspot.com/


Relation to a Princeton Theological Seminary {GRADUATE}

22 May

After flying back to the United States suddenly upon hearing of the declining health of my precious grandfather, I decided to head to New Jersey to celebrate my sister wonderful sister Olivia’s seminary graduation. [my grandfather did have a boost of strength when I got home, but as of yesterday, he is declining again daily. Please continue to pray].

I’m so proud of my sister and her amazing accomplishment {masters of divinity}. And p.s.  her pick to post-graduation dinner celebration was delicious!

Hubby & Wife.

Olivia and fellow Princeton graduate (& best friend) Jen

Part of the Lane family celebrating Liv’s graduation (plus Josh)

Me and Anni, glad to be united after our Thailand/Vietnam adventures in December

The evening was finished with a wonderful dinner at an Italian–delicious.


Thanks OCU!

21 May

Thanks OCU!

Today as I was searching through old school documents and such I pulled up the 11-12 OCU online catalogue and was very surprised when I saw my face staring back at me. One of my “adventures” as an honors student at Oklahoma City University was posing for photos to publicize OCU (yes, sorry to break it to you, those college photos that they publish all over brochures are not extemporaneous poses, they are very meticulous and thought out–incorporating racial, sexual and gender diversity is just the beginning). But thanks OCU for remember me. I have recruited two of my students FROM Thailand to attend graduate and undergraduate in your lovely halls.


Batu Caves

19 May

Batu Caves

I’m in the US and am slowly adjusting back. Many things to come but at the moments I’m going through reverse culture shock, emotions with my grandfather, my sister graduating from Princeton Theological Seminary and seeing my family for the first time in a year. Let’s just say I’m wasted in the best sense of the word. My grandfather is still living and doing a lot better then when I first came home. I think having all the family around has given him a boost of spirits and reason for life. It’s hard being home but it’s good that I’m here.

Enjoy the photo taken in KL, Malaysia back in February at the Batu Caves. Current greetings are sent from Princeton, New Jersey.

Korea Stationed

8 May

I am currently sitting in the Korea airport waiting to board a flight for… the USA! I am still in shock that I am headed home and so drastically fast. I have been traveling and got home yesterday from Laos to e-mails from my family telling me that my grandfather is in the hospital and that he’s nearing the end. Ultimately I had to make a fast choice to see my grandfather again or stay in Thailand, and I immediately chose my grandfather. 

It was a bitter sweet decision and I know I chose the right thing because God worked everything out. I was able to find a price that wasn’t insanely expensive that left the same day (had six hours to pack everything to head to the airport), and God definitely gave me the strength to think through the exhaustion and emotions. So, I’m headed back to the states! It is currently 11:03 am in Korea on May 8th and I will get to the US May 8th at 3:30pm (to Cleveland, Ohio where my grandfather is). You might be asking how that is possible, but hello people I’m a time traveler (oh and I’m 12 hours ahead of everyone). It’s going to be a long flight but wanted to ask for prayers and send out the update.

I will continue to keep up this blog because I’ve still got LOTS to share about my travels and times in Thailand and Asia. More to come but please pray for my family, my grandfather and his wife (my grandmother) and for safety and strength for myself as I venture home. Thank you so much. xox. 

Turning 23 in Cambodia

22 Apr

That’s right folks, I leave Tuesday morning for my birthday extravaganza… i.e. turning 23 in Cambodia. I will go by train and head into Siam Reap on Tuesday where I’ve booked a hostel for $6.00 a night and am looking forward to seeing Angkor Wat! Then it’ll be off to Phonom Pohm on Thursday for a view of the river at with a glass of wine on the eve of my birthday and then another full day of touring before heading back for a celebration Bangkok style with only some of my favorite people Friday evening. I never thought that turning 23 sounded like that much fun, I mean what happens in your 23rd year of life, right? HOWEVER, I think I’m beginning the adventure the right way, in a new country (not to mention I’ll be spending my birthday in TWO different countries, Cambodia and back to Thailand in one day? Hopefully all the excitement will keep me energized!) Wish me luck! xox.


Of course I had to (try) to edit the photo a bit to preserve my safety, just in case.

Watty you say?

19 Apr

Watty and myself teaching my last "Saturday class" in Thailand!

It’s definitely bitter-sweet finishing up my teaching here in Thailand. I’ll still be teaching next month, but I won’t be teaching large classes anymore, just private tutoring. Above is a photo one of my students e-mailed me the other day, he took it at our last class on Saturday. I think it’s really cute how he added his named (Watty) on his shirt and he put a little hear there too. Watty was a great student, he always gave me nice compliments. I remember one day I walked into class and he said “Adjan, today you look lovely!” I just thought to myself, well at least one weekend out of the five that I teach on Saturdays I didn’t stay out too late. He would always call me Adjan too (the Thai word for teacher, most of my students don’t use it, it’s a great honor so I’ve heard to be called “adjan” but he never failed). I’ll miss my big evening classes, but the change of schedule will be nice, I can finally attend the body combat classes at my gym in the evenings! Really excited for that [yes, sometimes I’m allowed a little “shallowness” right?]