The Baptist Student Center

14 Mar

I realized the other day that I have never shared photos of where I live in Bangkok. I have showed you photos of my living ‘quarters’ but never the city view. One thing that I’ve got to say about Bangkok (and Singapore!) is that the public transportation is pretty great. You’ve got every form of transportation here from motorcycles, taxis, tuk tuk’s, buses, subway (MRT), boat, airplanes (Bangkok being one of the best places to catch international flights just about anywhere I think!) and of course as you can see from the photos below, Bangkok also has a great sky train (the BTS: Bangkok Transit System).

I both live and work at the school I’m teaching at in Bangkok (the Baptist Student Center) and it is located conveniently right next to the BTS. Now this is a very big deal because properties located close to the BTS are in very high demand (because not only is it a convenient location, but it’s common for tourists to stumble upon said business). But the BTS has been located in this spot for the past sixty years and is actually on a plot of land given to the Baptist church by the royal family.

I definitely take advantage of the convenient location of my school, you can see here the BTS (to the right) and the BSC to the left. You just have to walk under the highway and there’s a station where you can jump on the train. Another great thing is that “Phayathai” where I’m located also has a branch that goes directly to the airport (which I’ve also taken more then a few times both to welcome people to Thailand and to travel around neighboring countries!)

Here’s a closer up photo from the BTS stop looking at the BSC, and below is a great photo of the lovely building (not really lovely looking actually, but it’s well known, if not for the beauty of the building it must be for the lovely teachers!)

And finally, a view of what I wake-up to every morning. This is directly to the right of the teacher apartment building (and with our lovely BSC motto!)


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