Back in the States | Can You Stay For Dinner?

21 Mar

I have been following the blog “Can you stay for dinner?” for a couple months since my sister Olivia recommended it to me last year. I love the way that Addie writes and all the lovely photos she shares. She has been out of town for the past month and I’ve been following her travels in South America. However, now she’s back in the states, and just posted her, ‘back again’ update. Let’s just say it made me relish the [expected] feelings of going home (what they WILL feel like…) I saw this photo of Addie’s bed and it made me really want my nice American bed in Oklahoma **Even though I don’t even really know what bed that will be, since I lived in an apartment for the past four years, and I definitely won’t be moving back there, but maybe it’s just the idea of a nice big bed that entices me…** I’m looking forward to being back in the US (for a short time at least) in July!

Back in the States | Can You Stay For Dinner?.




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