Turning 23 in Cambodia

22 Apr

That’s right folks, I leave Tuesday morning for my birthday extravaganza… i.e. turning 23 in Cambodia. I will go by train and head into Siam Reap on Tuesday where I’ve booked a hostel for $6.00 a night and am looking forward to seeing Angkor Wat! Then it’ll be off to Phonom Pohm on Thursday for a view of the river at with a glass of wine on the eve of my birthday and then another full day of touring before heading back for a celebration Bangkok style with only some of my favorite people Friday evening. I never thought that turning 23 sounded like that much fun, I mean what happens in your 23rd year of life, right? HOWEVER, I think I’m beginning the adventure the right way, in a new country (not to mention I’ll be spending my birthday in TWO different countries, Cambodia and back to Thailand in one day? Hopefully all the excitement will keep me energized!) Wish me luck! xox.


Of course I had to (try) to edit the photo a bit to preserve my safety, just in case.


One Response to “Turning 23 in Cambodia”

  1. Amanda Jordan April 23, 2012 at 4:21 pm #

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY again young 23 year old! Have a great time & stay safe!

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